Does the show time correspond to my local time?

How does this work?
Please refer to our How it Works page

Does zingreel charge my credit card if I block the ticket?
No, Ticket blocking is free but you have to key in the credit card details

What does the percentage blocked bar indicates?
It indicates the number of people blocked the show expressing the intent to watch the movie. The red mark indicates the expected number of blockings by the movie producer. The green color indicates the number of people blocked the tickets progressively for a given show

I have blocked the ticket, When is the movie broadcasted?
The movie will be broadcast only if sufficient number of people blocks the ticket and the green color in the percentage blocked bar crosses red mark ateleast four days before the show date. Sometimes it is up to the movie producer to broadcast the movie even if the green color does not cross red in the percentage blocked bar

I did not watch the movie even after the movie is broadcast. Does zingreel charge my credit card?
Yes, Zingreel charges the blocked users once the movie is broadcast whether one watches the movie or not

I have blocked the ticket, When is my card charged?
Your card will be charged only after the movie is broadcast whether you have watched the movie or not

I have blocked the ticket, Does zingreel intimate me about the movie broadcast?
Yes, Zingreel sends a reminder mail when the producer confirms the movie broadcast

Where can i get frequent updates about the upcoming movies on zingreel?
Please follow us at our face book page - facebook.com/zingreel or twitter at twitter.com/zingreelmovies or keep visitng our website http://zingreel.com

What will happen to my ticket if the show is cancelled?
You will not be charged anything for this. The amount is not captured till the producer okays the show. In case the producer does not okay, the paypal transaction will be voided from our application.

I reside in a country where USD is not the official currency and if I make a transaction in zingreel, will there be any conversion charges?
Yes, the currency charges are in addition to ticket blocked amount. It depends on the country you belong to

Why should I block the ticket in advance?
Zingreel empowers the crowd to demand the online broadcast of latest and greatest movies from the producer, on the same day of release. Zingreel achieves this by allowing the crowd to block the ticket early and show the intent to watch online. If the number of tickets blocked is as per producer’s expectations, the movie will be broadcast. So if more people block tickets, better are the chances of the broadcast.

When I try to block the ticket, i get the error "This movie is not available for viewing in your region". What does this mean?
Zingreel does not broadcast movies to the countries/areas where the movies are released in local theaters to protect the interest of the distributors. Also sometimes the producer would not be interested to broadcast to some countries based on certain preference. If you have the movie released in a theater near to you, you may not be able to watch the movie online.

Once I block the ticket, how should I watch the movie?
On the show date and time, please click on the 'Watch movie' button to watch the movie.

Is telephone verification mandatory?

Why should I perform the telephone verification?
To protect the interest of the movie producer, every user is required to do telephone verification

Will I be charged additionally for telephone verification?

What if the verification fails twice?
You will have one last option to verify the telephone number, by clicking on the 'Watch Movie' button before watching the movie.

What if the Telephone verification fails all the three times?
You will not be allowed to watch the movie. The ticket amount may not be refunded.

Is zingreel available only for Telugu movies?
No, We are planning to bring more and more content to all the NRIs - irrespective of the language. First few could be from Tollywood though.

Can I watch movies on this site from India?
Currently No. We are working with several payment gateway services to extend the service to Indian audience. Besides this it is up to the movie producer to release the movie in specific country ( or countries)

What does DRM mean?
Digital Rights Management: It is a bit complex to explain in short sentences. There is lot of information available online; you can refer to any of the links.  In general, the purpose of DRM is to prevent people from using copyrighted materials in ways that the publisher does not want them to use it. In some countries, bypassing DRM is almost always a crime.

Are the videos in zingreel, DRM enabled?

Can i watch the show on Television?
No, the show is going to be broadcast only to computers at the moment - that too only to windows PCs and Laptops because of the DRM issues. We are working on the DRM solution to broadcast the movies to TVs, handheld devices and to computers based on other operating systems and in a couple of months it will be ready

Can i connect my PC to Television to watch movies over TV?
Allowing the stream to be rendered to TV is purely left to the discretion of the movie producer; Zingreel provides an option to switch on or off to the movie producer

Mine is not a windows computer, can i watch the show?
No, the DRM solution does not allow the movie to be played on a non windows computer

What if the browser crashed or computer crashed or power failure happens in the mid of watching the move?
If you havenot watched the movie completely, then you can start watching the movie again by clicking on the Watch Movie button

What if I am charged after blocking the ticket?
Please contact support@zingreel.com to resolve the conflict.