Download FAQ

What is the best browser to watch movies on Zingreel?
Movies on Zingreel can be watched thru latest versions of Chrome or Firefox browsers

Can I download the movie from Zingreel and watch it on my PC or Laptop?

What is the difference between 'watching movie online' and 'download and watch'?
Watching movie online requires good and consistent bandwidth. Many a times bandwidth is jittery at customer premise and this leads to spooling or buffering issues. In such cases downloading a movie and watching it from a PC/Laptop is a perfect alternative

What is the advantage of download and watching a movie?
The quality of entertainment experience will be very high as the downloaded movie file will be of 720p quality

How long the movie can be watched after it is downloaded to my PC?
Each movie has a rental period which is usually decided by the movie producer. It can be 48 or 72 or 120 hours. A user can watch the movie within this period as many times as possible

I have downloaded the movie on my PC, when does the rental period start?
Rental period starts from the time you start watching the movie. It DOES NOT start from the day you have purchased or from the day you have downloaded

What happens to the downloaded file after the rental period gets over?
It does not do any harm, but you can delete it from your PC/Laptop to create space

Does it require a special player to play the downloaded movie?
Yes, The player can be downloaded here. Movies can be only played thru this player

Is it mandatory to install Adobe runtime application?
Yes, Click here to download Adobe AIR

Does the player and Adobe AIR needs to be installed each time I download the movie file?
No, It is a one-time setup

Do I need to be connected to internet while playing the movie?
Yes, There will be series of handshakes that happen between the player and Zingreel servers

How do I watch the movie after it is downloaded?
To watch the movie drag and drop the file on Zingreel AIR Player or click on 'Add To Playlist' in the player and select the movie file location

Do I need to key in my login credentials to watch the movie?
Yes, you must authenticate with the same user email and password which you used to buy the movie on Zingreel

Does the movie play automatically after I key in the login password credentials?
Yes, close any popups and enjoy the show

I have played the movie successfully on the PC I have downloaded. Now it is not playing in another computer, what is the issue?
A file downloaded and played on PC/Laptop does not play in another. So please make sure that you play the movie always on one PC/Laptop till its license period expires

Can I share the downloaded file to others?
No, Legally as well as morally it is not correct. The movie won't play on another computer once it is already played in one PC/Latop. Help the producer community who is working hard to bring entertainment to your homes

I have paid for the movie and downloaded the player as well as movie file but it is not playing on my PC/Laptop, how do i get the issue resolved?
For any issues, please email or contact us - or +91 98452 73849